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Principles of loss and recovery of power.

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This is a beautiful collection of enlightening essays with many insights into the truth of power. Take your time, savor every chapter, allow yourself to see the connections between all these ‘powers’ and to experiment and practice them in your life. Only then will the treasures stored in these pages reveal their true value. Only then will you be sure to have many profound realisations about how to live your life more willingly and wonderfully.

Mike George - Bestselling Author, The 7 Myths About LOVE.Actually!

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Will to Wonder is beautifully written and very well presented. It is truly a labour of love.

Charles Hogg, Australian Director of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

quote about Will To Wonder
“The Power to Discern”, “The Power to Adjust”, “The Power of Compassion”. These are three of the 21 Jewels of Knowledge described in Annemarie De Seriere’s book Will to Wonder. “Exercising my Powers puts me in the driver’s seat of my life. Knowing who I am – a soul – unveils my value and enables me to use my Powers to claim my rightful success,” De Seriere writes in the introduction. The book “is designed so you can pick a Power to nourish you through the day.” I liked the format of Will to Wonder. Each day I would read a “Jewel” and meditate on the chapter’s message. I read little gems like “if you spend your life running around pleasing others, no matter what you do, it will somehow never be enough”, “Contrary to popular belief, consciously practicing introversion is a very powerful tool to effect change.”, and “Ego has many faces; inferiority and superiority are but two.” These and other statements spread throughout each chapter caused me to stop and think about my life, and how I could better utilize the “Powers” that already reside within me. More than a self study guide, though, I think Will To Wonder also lends itself to group discussion. Pick one “Power” a week, study it, and then report back to the group how that Power is working in your life. De Seriere summarizes each chapter nicely with a short “Action”, an “Affirmation”, and a “Blessing”. In the “Power of Faith” chapter, for example, part of the action step reads: “At the start of any new project, visualize a successful outcome. Do something each day, no matter how small, towards that outcome, keeping a firm eye on your goal. Trust that the outcome will be successful and let go.” This passage has been a good reminder for me as I start my book project that I mentioned last week. I have found reading a short spiritual piece each day has been helpful for my own growth. I recommend Will to Wonder for a daily dose of inspiration.

Tim Larison – calmwithin.com, timlarison.com

quote about Will To Wonder

Power to ‘Pack Up’

By packing up any wasteful or destructive thought, you take the reins!

Do you travel light and easy, or struggle with excess baggage?

We often get bombarded by defeating thoughts — realising the implications of where my thoughts lead me, I want the ability to instantly clear any negativity that clutters my mind. Exercising your Power to Pack Up means applying a complete full stop (a firm brake) to control and direct your thoughts, giving you controlling Power. It means to travel light, to fly. When you do not entertain any limiting thoughts or carry around outlived situations, you won’t be burdened or influenced by what is going on around you. Being economical with your mind creates Power to remain positive and view the world as beautiful and unlimited.

Have you ever noticed how much ‘stuff’ we carry around with us? I remember waiting to board an airplane when returning from a trip to India. There was lots of chaos and noise while I sat quietly observing. I had just visited Madhuban — Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Rajasthan — and was churning on methods for self change, when I noticed the amount of excess baggage people carried, struggled with and even paid for. I started to wonder how much of it was actually needed and how much was unnecessary waste. This baggage situation was an entertaining metaphor and a great wake up call.

Do you ever wonder why you are so tired by day’s end, literally falling into bed, only to drag yourself out of it in the morning? The body may sleep, but this does not mean we receive proper rest. Nourishment and rejuvenation can not accurately take place if the mind continues to make noise — that is a two- minute recipe for stress and disease.

We cannot see what we carry in our mind. If we don’t let go of stuff that has already happened, it is like carrying a permanent bag on our back and shoulders, which over time becomes excessively heavy. We start to struggle through even the simplest day and can’t understand why. What about the ten kilograms of anger and resentment from a past misadventure, the nine kilograms of shame and guilt that is now permanently part of my personality and I can’t imagine life without it? We try and ignore the eight kilograms of mud from digging that depressive hole that seems too difficult to get out of, and the seven kilograms of fear to let go, which is stopping us from leaving our comfort zones.

Not only do we carry this stuff around, we keep it, we store it, we hide it away and hoard it, bringing it to the surface when it fits our agenda. This load has a cumulative effect, like a pressure cooker, leaving no room for any positive and creative movement. Accumulating and becoming attached to our stuff only creates complications and we experience difficulty letting go — be it a worn out pair of shoes or a worn out relationship. The more we hang on, the more we expose ourselves, and often others, to pain. It weighs down your wings so you won’t be able to fly and you won’t want others to fly either. Take only the experience and travel light. Learning the lesson of letting go of everything else will propel you forward in life.

Packing up means to consistently check and change what and how you think. We have the Power to control our thoughts, to slow down the process and change their quality and direction. It will take a bit of effort as many of us have become quite complacent, not even thinking about our thinking. Paying attention to your thoughts gives you control, it enables you to judge their speed and quality, giving you Power to discard any negative thought that has the slightest potential to create destructive behaviour — just pack them up and let them go, making room for empowering thoughts that create success. Remember, if you have built up a lot of negative in your account, it will take bit of courage and commitment, but will be well worth the effort. To solve any problems we have created, we must first change the way we think.

When you use the Power to Pack Up, you finish any weak thoughts by applying, in effect, a full stop. Applying a complete full stop gives you clarity and strength. It doesn’t mean you have no feelings or thoughts, but rather that you have the ability to quieten your mind by applying a firm brake to your thought processes, remaining peaceful and able to do what needs to be done without disruption or sabotage. To apply a full stop means you don’t carry any distressing situation through your day or night, allowing you a peaceful sleep to awaken fresh for a new creative day of Wonder.

Packing Up does not mean keeping a little on the side. A useful exercise is to de- clutter on a regular basis. When my external world is cluttered, it is a sign that my mind is in disarray and therefore subjective, making clear decision making difficult. Finishing it gives you a clean work space — uncluttered for clear, rational thinking. It opens up time and creativity; it opens up life without needing to repeat anything I do not wish to repeat. It enables me to interact with others without being pulled by them or by my own weaknesses and habits.

We were born with nothing and we will leave this earth with nothing, so travelling light seems to make a whole lot of sense out of a great deal of nonsense.

  • Author - Annemarie De Seriere

  • Annemarie De Seriere is the creator of Resoulutions 4 Life — a service for alternative healing. More than ten years spent working in disability services, palliative and aged care taught her the value of people, of potential and of power.

    Coming from a diverse background, Annemarie understands the challenges of life — experiencing first-hand the extremes of grief, loss of hope and joy. She now travels Australia with her partner and facilitates self-empowerment programs based on the Brahma Kumaris teachings and her own personal experiences. Annemarie is a seeker of truth and her sole purpose in life is self-transformation as a means to bring change to the world.


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